Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline

Proven Tips and Tricks for How to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline –  Selling Insurance is one of the best sources of having recurring income and if you are in the Health Insurance line than definitely you are doing a great job for the society too by securing their Health risk too. But for an Insurance Agent, this is really a very tough task to let people understand about it especially in India, and make them understand the product. Here is some proven Guide to sell your Health Insurance plan both offline and Online effectively.


With the rising internet access and a young generation of working middle-class professionals reaching the cups of adult life, the online Health insurance business is gathering momentum. In mid-2010, when the online distribution of insurance policies started, only four insurers were in play. Today, ten life insurers offer online term plans; and six firms focus on online health and motor insurance. Around 34,000 policies a month were sold in 2011, up from 10,000 policies a month in 2010.

Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline-

health Insurance selling tips

health Insurance selling tips

Why prefer to sell ONLINE?

Easy Mode of payment -The new generation of working professionals has become increasingly comfortable with transacting online. For these working professionals, online insurance is the bridge that connects the digital age and the challenges of adult life.

Customer-friendly More Beneficial plans – Selling online is 20-25% cheaper as compared to offline selling. This is a big advantage to the insurer as it adds to the profit of the firm and, a customer who is secured from bearing those miscellaneous Expenses. This helps in attracting more customers online.

Top Companies to promote –

X-Factor Loaded Guide to Sell Health Insurance Plans Online-

Make your plan look Simple, Clear, and Beneficial to the client : Buying an insurance plan online is more favorable as things are crystal clear in front of buyers with no scope of misleading or cheating.

Additional incentives to attract new customers: When buying online, the prospective client views the products offered online, selects the most suited plans, and makes payment directly to the insurer via the use of credit or debit cards. This point is favorable to the seller as well as the online sale is completely driven by the decisions made by policy buyers.

Customer satisfaction – Once a plan has been sold, you should provide after-sales services as well, so that client should not feel thrown away once he has purchased a plan  . You must take feedback to know how much customer satisfaction has been achieved.

Tips and Tricks to sell Insurance offline?

 Agent Factor: Health Insurance Plans are generally sold by agents who represent an insurance company. The agent meets with the clients, understands their financial requirements, explains the features of the mediclaim policy, and offers the most suited plan to the customer.

The agent remains the sole point of contact between the customer and the insurer and he gets a percentage of the premium generated by him as a commission.

Proper Presentation of plans to the customer : Investors are generally unaware of the various technicalities of medical policy and so during claims, the agent’s invaluable service overshadows the meager amount of commission paid at inception.

Modify Plans as per the needs of the customer: The majority of the buyers are unable to understand their needs and quantify them. Here again, agents, equipped with the knowledge and intensive training, help to guide the buyers to choose the optimum amount of cover for themselves and their families.


So , wheather you want to sell a health insurance plan online or offline , common and most important things you should remember is customer satisfaction ,transparency in the health insurance plan,  best suited health policy to your customer which suits his/her budget and is as per his / her  requirement . Keeping these basic things in wing will surely make you achieve your set sales target . 

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