Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline

Proven Tips and Tricks for How to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline –  Selling Insurance is one of the best sources of having recurring income and if you are in the Health Insurance line than definitely you are doing a great job for the society too by securing their Health risk too. But for an Insurance Agent, this is really a very tough task to let people understand about it especially in India, and make them understand the product. Here is some proven Guide to sell your Health Insurance plan both offline and Online effectively. » Read more

Online vs Offline Health Insurance| Differences, Which one to prefer?

Online vs Offline Health Insurance| Differences, Which one to prefer? , Support, Premium Price Difference –  In today’s world everything is getting Online and it is very important to let people know the actual difference between online and offline health insurance. If you are new to blog and deals with selling health insurance than you are requested to refer Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline. Here are the main differences in benefits of purchasing the policy Offline or Online.

Online vs Offline Health Insurance| Differences, Which one to prefer?-

health Insurance selling tips

health Insurance selling tips

Read the following points and get it resolved.

Which is most profitable mode of selling Insurance  ??

The simplest way to go about selling a policy is to get in touch with the customers and tell them premium rates. But this has its own limitation – you could easily take a month to get all the details and the client could really be slow in his response – after all it’s a health insurance policy he is buying and he can compare plans from other sellers as well.

Go Online : Another easy way is to create an insurance comparison sites or aggregators as they are called. Aggregators provide a single window to compare quotes and features from multiple insurance companies and help a customer select the most suitable one. There is a whole lot that have mushroomed in India of late.

How Online  Insurance selling is customer friendly ?

Once he/she enter all relevant details, he/she is shown a plethora of policies where customer can check each one out before selecting the one he/she want to buy. Collect payment from customer with help of aggregator sites upfront and liaise with the your insurance company to close the deal with customer . Aggregators get a small marketing fee from the insurance companies for policies that they sell online.

“The process of buying online insurance has been made as simple as buying a flight or a movie ticket online. In the last one year, there have been considerable improvements in the online buying process.”

Benefits of selling health insurance online :

  • -You save time – everything can be done at the click of a mouse.
  • -It’s cheap, you save the costs for the advertisments offline . This is passed onto customer.
  • -You don’t have to make a trip to the customer’s place and save agent’s salary.
  • -Most of the aggregator sites are easy to use and compare by customer’s – it’s a one stop shop to sell policies.
  • -Most of these sites are safe to operate and payment can be colected using net banking/credit cards/ debit cards from the customers.

Most aggregators have a FAQ section and “ask an expert” section which helps buyer reach out on queries they might have.

Advantages for buying online health insurance  for Buyers ?

For starters, buying online has now become a very simple process. You do not have to go through the hassle of going through an agent, who would have a tie-up with limited number of insurance companies and may not be able to get the product that you want. The agent may try pushing a product which they want you to buy. Also, there is complete transparency in the process when you buy online – everything is there in front of you and then you can make a decision. With an agent you really do not know if some facts are being hidden and only the good part of the policy is being highlighted to you. You realize the worst when the policy document comes to you or when you start the claim process. Having said that, if the agent is a completely trustworthy person, buying online and offline are the same.


You are not going to deal with agent… You are dealing with direct Insurance Company and agent role is just to let you know about each and every clause. But buying Online from trusted website will increase your chances to get Claim in need.

Good Luck.. Choose Wisely.. In case of any doubt comment below must.