Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline

Proven Tips and Tricks for How to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline –  Selling Insurance is one of the best source of having recurring income and if you are in Health Insurance line than definitely you are doing a great job for the society too by securing their Health risk too. But for an Insurance Agent this is really a very tough task to let people understand about it especially in India and make them understand about the product. Here are some proven Guide to sell your Health Insurance plan both offline and Online effectively.


With the rising internet access and a young generation of working middle class professionals reaching the cups of adult life, online Health insurance business is gathering momentum. In mid-2010, when online distribution of insurance policies started, only four insurers were in play. Today, ten life insurers offer online term plans; and six firms focus on online health and motor insurance. Around 34,000 policies a month were sold in 2011, up from 10,000 policies a month in 2010.

Proven Tips and Tricks to Sell Health Insurance Online and Offline-

health Insurance selling tips

health Insurance selling tips

Why prefer to sell ONLINE?

Easy Mode of payment -The new generation of working professionals have become increasingly comfortable with transacting online..For these working professionals, online insurance is the bridge that connects the digital age and the challenges of adult life.

Customer friendly More Beneficial plans – Selling online is 20-25% cheaper as compared to offline selling . This is a big advantage to insurer as it adds to profit of the firm and , customer who is secured  from bearing those miscellaneous Expenses. This helps in attracting more customers online .

Top Companies to promote –

X-Factor Loaded Guide to Sell Health Insurance Plans Online-

Make your plan look Simple , Clear and Beneficial to client : Buying an insurance plan online is more favorable as things are crystal clear in front of buyer with no scope of misleading or cheating .

Additional incentives to attract new customers: When buying online, the prospective client views the products offered online, selects the most suited plans and makes payment directly to the insurer via the use of credit or debit cards.This point is favorable to seller as well as online sale is completely driven by the decisions made by policy buyers .

Customer satisfaction – Once a plan has been sold , you should provide after sales services as well , so that client should not feel thrown away once he has purchased a plan  . You must take feedback to know how much customer satisfaction has been achieved .

Tips and Tricks to  sell Insurance offline ?

 Agent Factor : Health Insurance Plans are generally sold by agents who represent an insurance company. The agent meets with the clients, understands their financial requirement, explains the features of the mediclaim policy and offers the most suited plan to the customer.

The agent remains the sole point of contact between the customer and the insurer and he gets a percentage of the premium generated by him as a commission.

Proper Presentation of plans to customer : Investors are generally unaware of the various technicalities of a mediclaim policy and so during claims, the agents invaluable service overshadows the meager amount of commission paid at inception.

Modify Plans as per needs of customer: Majority of the buyers are unable to understand their needs and quantify them. Here again, agents, equipped with knowledge and intensive training, help to guide the buyers to choose the optimum amount of cover for themselves and their family.


So , wheather you want to sell a health insurance plan online or offline , common and most important things you should remember is customer satisfaction ,transparency in the health insurance plan,  best suited health policy to your customer which suits his/her budget and is as per his / her  requirement . Keeping these basic things in wing will surely make you achieve your set sales target . 


PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Wiki Details,Cheapest Policy-Plans & Benefits Details

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Wiki Details,Cheapest Policy-Plans & Benefits Details: PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy is made for only PNB customers and Punjab National Bank Account Holders will be eligible to take cover under the scheme. This police’s plans are available in all Branches across the country. The policy will be issued in accordance with IRDA guidelines, in the name of PNB with a schedule of names of the Account Holders and Employees of Punjab National Bank including his/her eligible family members. PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy is joint venture between India’s leading Bank Punjab National Bank and Oriental Insurance. We are sharing here complete information about PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy and their plans and benefit details.

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Wiki Details,Cheapest Policy-Plans & Benefits Details-

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy-Plans & Benefits Details

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy-Plans & Benefits Details

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy has number of benefits which we are mentioned below:


  1. Room, Boarding and Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital /Nursing Home not exceeding 1 % of the Sum Insured or Rs. 5000 per day whichever is less.
  2. C. Unit expenses not exceeding 2% of the Sum Insured or Rs. 10,000 per day whichever is less. Room stay including I.C.U. stay should not exceed total number of admission days.
  3. Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees.
  4. Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines & Drugs, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Artificial Limbs, Cost of Prosthetic devices implanted during surgical procedure like pacemaker, Relevant Laboratory / Diagnostic test, X-Ray etc.
  5. Ambulance services – 1% of the sum insured or Rs 1000/- whichever is less.
  6. Hospital Cash: Reimbursement of incidental expenses during the period of hospitalization of the Proposer i.e., the PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK Account Holder only – actual subject to a maximum of Rs.1,000 during the entire policy period.
  7. Reimbursement of Funeral Expenses: In the event of death of the Insured Person due to an insured peril covered under the scope of the Policy the company shall reimburse actual funeral expenses subject to a maximum of Rs.1,000 during the policy period.
  8. Domiciliary Hospitalization: Surgeon, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees, Blood, Oxygen, Surgical Appliances, Medicines & Drugs, Diagnostic Material and Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Nursing expenses – 10% of Sum Insured, Maximum Rs.25000 during policy period.

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy Features:

  • A Family Floater Scheme.
  • Cover for 4 family members under single premium
  • Age Group covered: 3 months to 80 years.
  • No Medical Examination for entry at any stage.
  • Cashless facility available at a large Net Work of Hospitals. The policy will be serviced by TPAs (Third Party Administrators).
  • Premium much lower and quite comparable with all available health insurance products in the market.
  • Uniform Premium for persons of all age-groups up to 80 years’ age.
  • Cover available for Minimum Sum Insured of Rs.1 Lac, up to Rs. 5 Lac, in multiple of Rs.1.00 Lac.

Time Period PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy:

PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim insurance policy is issued for a period of one year.

Renewal of PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy:

  1. The Company shall not be responsible or liable for non-renewal of policy due to non-receipt or delayed receipt of the proposal form or of the medical practitioners report wherever required or due to any other reason whatsoever.
  2. Notwithstanding this, however, the decision to accept or reject for coverage any person upon renewal of this insurance shall rest solely with the Company. The company may at its discretion revise the premium rates and the terms & condition of the policy every year upon renewal thereof. Renewal of this policy is not automatic; premium due must be paid by the proposer to the company before the due date.
  3. The Company shall not ordinarily deny the renewal of this policy unless on moral hazard grounds of the insured such as intentional misrepresentation / malicious suppression of facts intended to mislead the Company about the acceptability of the proposal, lodging a fraudulent claim and such other intentional acts of the insured / beneficiaries under the policy, subject to policy terms.

Sum of Insured: The Company’s liability in respect of all claims admitted in during the period of Insurance shall not exceed the sum insured opted under the policy.

Special Discount for PNB Customer on Motor Insurance Policy:

  1. 40 % discount on Indian Motor Tariff 2002 rates for private cars.
  2. 30% discount on Indian Motor Tariff 2002 rates for commercial vehicles.

Other Products: 

  1. Personal Accident – Individual
  2. Householders Insurance Policy
  3. Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Study
  4. Shopkeeper’s Insurance Policy
  5. Kissan Package Insurance
  6. Nagrik Suraksha Policy
  7. Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

We are sharing here complete information about PNB-Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy-Plans & Benefits Details but if you not sufficient and want information in more details then just follow this link.

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Oriental Insurance Company Wiki-Plans, Policies, Products, Benefits

Oriental Insurance Company Wiki-Plans, Policies, Products, Benefits: Oriental Insurance Company is a India’s leading insurance company provides insurance policies and plans for Motor Insurance, Personal Accident, Individual Mediclaim, Shopkeeper and Householders. The Company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd and was formed to carry out General Insurance business. The Company was a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India from 1956 to 1973. In 2003 all shares of our company held by the General Insurance Corporation of India has been transferred to Central Government. The company’s main headquarter in New Delhi and nearly 1800 to above offices in various cities of the country. The company also give services in overseas – Nepal, Kuwait and Dubai. The company has total 14,000 to above employees. We are providing here complete information about Oriental Insurance Company, its plans, policies, products and benefits.

Oriental Insurance Company Wiki Details Plans, Policies, Products, Benefits-

Oriental Insurance Company Wiki-Plans, Policies, Products, Benefits

Oriental Insurance Company Wiki-Plans, Policies, Products, Benefits

1. Motor Insurance Policy: Oriental Insurance offer Comprehensive Motor Insurance products that provide the added protection for your vehicle. It further provides cover for liability, death or property damage of third parties.


  • Accidental Loss of or damage to the Vehicle
  • Liability to third parties, Personal accident covers to owner driver.
  • Various Add on Covers on extra premium

2. Personal Accident Insurance Policy: This policy provides compensation in the event of insured sustaining injuries, solely and directly from an accident caused by violent, visible and external means, resulting into death or disablement is it temporary or permanent. There are some additional benefits available without payment of additional premium like Cumulative Bonus, Children Education Fund, and Reimbursement of expenses for the carriage of the dead body. There is a discount for family package cover plan.


  • Intentional self injury,
  • Suicide or attempted suicide,
  • Death or disablement resulting from child birth and pregnancy;
  • Accident while the insured is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;
  • War and allied perils.

3. Individual Mediclaim Insurance Policy: It is a Health cover policy which takes care of medical expenses of sudden illness, accident and surgery. Individual Mediclaim policy will be available to any individual between the ages of 18 to 80 years for treatment taken in India. An individual can also get his family cover by way of family package cover.


  • Inpatient hospitalization expenses in India due to disease/accident.
  • This health policy covers citizens aged from 3 months to 80 years.
  • The sum insured available ranges from Rs.50000/- to Rs.500000/-
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered from the fifth year policy provided the renewals are done without break in insurance and all the renewals are with Oriental Insurance Company.
  • A proposer can take the policy for himself and or for his family members.
  • Wherever family members are covered, a discount of 10% in premium is available.
  • Pre acceptance medical examination is not required if the beneficiaries are below 45 years of age.
  • The premium under the policy is eligible for Income Tax benefit under section 80D.

4. Janata Personal Accident Policy: This policy covers accident caused by outward violent and visible means and such bodily injury within the twelve calendar months of its occurrence is the sole.

Policy covers:

  • Any existing disability.
  • Death injury or disablement due to intentional self injuries, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Disablement or death under influence of liquor or drug.
  • Death or disablement during racing, shooting, big game hunting, mountaineering, ice hockey, winter sports.
  • Breach of law with criminal intention.
  • War group of perils.
  • Nuclear group of perils.

5. Oriental Insurance Overseas Mediclaim Policy: This policy gives comprehensive cover for you and your family when you globe trot. We want your trip to be stress-free so we cover you against medical and other financial emergencies that may incur during your travel.


  • Policy covers the medical expenses while the beneficiary is outside the Republic of India.
  • It covers medical expenses both as inpatient as well as outpatient while in a foreign country.
  • The sum insured available ranges from Rs.50000 to Rs.500000.
  • Cashless settlement is provided through our Overseas Services Provider

6. Shopkeeper Insurance Policy: It covers all the probable risks and perils faced by small to medium sized shop owners. It provides protection for the property and the interests of the Insured in the business venture.


  • Loss to the Building. Perils as per Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy including Earthquake Risk.
  • Loss to the Contents. Perils as per Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy including Earthquake.
  • Loss/damage to contents by Housebreaking excluding where any partner or any employee of the insured or member of the insured family is concerned as principal or accessory.
  • Loss/damage to pedal cycle as per Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy including house breaking or theft.
  • Accidental breakage to fixed plate glass in the insured building.
  • Loss or damage to Neon sign .Fire, lightning external explosion.
  • Loss/Damage to personal baggage of the Insured and accompanied baggage related to the trade.
  • Electronic Equipment including Personal computers, CCTV and related equipments.
  • Legal liability of Insured to his employees as per WC Act.
  • Break down of appliances installed in the shop such as AC, Refrigerator etc.

7. Householder Insurance Policy: The policy offers comprehensive protection for your home and its contents against a variety of risks. This is a composite policy spilt into ten sections covering number of contingencies and minimum of three sections are necessarily to be taken.


  • Loss to the residential building, household goods & personal effects – as per Fire Policy + Earthquake Risk.
  • Loss or damage to Jewellery, Valuables etc. due to accident or misfortune
  • Accidental breakage of fixed plate glass
  • Damage to electrical appliances due to electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • Loss by Fire & allied perils Housebreaking / Theft
  • Loss to accompanied baggage by accident or misfortune
  • Legal liability of the Insured to the public for bodily injury or accidental death

8. Family Health Care Insurance Policy: This is the new insurance policy introduced by Oriental Health Insurance.


  • Room, Boarding and Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital /Nursing Home.
  • Intensive Care Unit Expenses as provided by the Hospital /Nursing Home.
  • Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner, Consultants, Specialists Fees
  • Anaesthesia, Blood, Oxygen, Operation Theatre Charges, Surgical Appliances, Medicines & Drugs, Diagnostic Material and X-Ray, Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Cost of Pacemaker, Artificial Limbs & and similar expenses.
  • Ambulance services charges as defined hereinafter under
  • Attendant allowance as hereinafter defined under

9. Nagrik Suraksha Policy: This policy offers Personal Accident cover and reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses as specified under the schedule of insurance of the policy. The policy is available only to the citizen of India.


  • Cumulative Bonus
  • Carriage of Dead Body and Funeral Charges
  • Education Fund
  • Loss of Employment

Here we provide the complete information about Oriental Insurance Plans and Polices and their benefits. If you want more information then you can visit official website.

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INR 12/year Accidental Death Cover 2 Lakh Reviews,Benefit PMSBY

INR 12/year Accidental Death Cover 2 Lakh Reviews,Benefit PMSBY-Online Purchase and Registration of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana PMSBY Wiki |INR 12/year Accidental Death Cover 2 Lakh | Budget 2015 Serious Towards health – In budget 2015 it was good to know that New Indian government are taking steps towards Cheap health Insurance and Accident cover at very low rate and reasonable price. In 2015 Budget Arun Jaitley announced that a premium of INR 1 will be deducted from all the Accounts open under Pradhan Mantri Jan-dhan yojna and all will be benefited of 2 lakh Accidental health Insurance cover automatically. It seems out to be a good and sharp step towards making Indians safe and tension free. lets study more about this Accidental policy here.

INR 12/year Accidental Death Cover 2 Lakh Reviews PMSBY (Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana) –

Cigna Ttk Vs Religare Vs Star Health Companies Reviews-Best Insurance Companies in India

Cigna Ttk Vs Religare Vs Star Health Companies Reviews-Best Insurance Companies in India

Insurers under the soon-to-be launched Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana will be covered for an accidental death risk of Rs 2 lakh for a premium of just Rs 12 per year that will be debited from their bank account under the PMJDY.

In this Indian Government will continue to give a maximum of IN 1000 contribution every year per account too.

Now a lot of queries are rising that whether Normal accounts will be benefited by this Yojna or not? This still seems to be a difficult question.

But we will continue to guide you more towards this latest news regarding Insurance sector in India.

Will Simple general Accounts will be benefited under Government insurance plans-

As i said this is still under consideration and till than normal accounts can choose following companies for their Health and Accidental Insurance.

Yes.. Normal Accounts are also getting benefited with it. This is confirmed as my ICICI Online account is showing the way to get it Online too. 

A little snap shot from my ICICI Account is below and I am just proceeding with this INR 12 accidental Insurance per year..

ICICI INR 12 Accidental Insurance

ICICI INR 12 Accidental Insurance

Just Click on First One.. pay just INR 12 and get added to this scheme.

You will get your policy document by email.

Details you Need to have in this Accidental Policy.

Documents Required-


Fill all steps written above wisely and than apply for your Accidental policy.

INR 12 will be automatically deducted from your account after you proceed with transaction.

Similarly you can go to your Online Bank account of any other bank and get benefited by this too.